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A Totally Online Homeschool Event

For families Getting Started with Waldorf-inspired Homeschooling

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Tips, Training & Inspiration all from experts, teacher and homeschool moms just like you!

The 6th Waldorf Homeschool Expo is a weekend of free training from 15 of your favorite homeschool gurus.All around Getting Started with Waldorf Homeschooling.

You'll get ideas on rhythm/scheduling, discipline, main lesson books, temperaments, adolescence, the essence of Waldorf and so much more.

For FREE May 15-17, 2015

During this Free Expo you'll be inspired to:

  • Create a rhythm that works for your family

  • Know what to expect from the middle school years

  • Get ideas on Main Lesson blocks & books

  • Understand the importance of knowing the temperaments

  • Get tips on "living Waldorf" in a non-Waldorf society

  • Telling stories to sensitive children

  • Using grains in a gluten-free world

  • Discover how fairy tales touch the hands, heart & head of your child

  • And much more! Listen while your child is napping or while doing dishes The Waldorf Homeschool Expo was created to support our role as Homeschooling Moms—WE hold the magic wand in our hands to create the education and environment that allows our child success.

    The Waldorf Homeschool Expo was created for families to get tips, ideas and inspiration to make their homeschooling easier and more joyful.

    Here's Who's Speaking This Year:

    Janet Allison

    Literacy with Boys

    Kristie Burns

    Holistic Homeschooling

    Anne Cleveland

    Form Drawing & Teaching Letters

    Eugene Schwartz

    From Playing to Thinking

    Rainbow Rosenbloom

    How Waldorf Builds Capacities for Leadership

    Becca Richards

    Dynamic Mothering with the Four Humors

    Renee Kendley

    Navigating Sibling Relationships with Peace

    Michelle Prindle

    Music from early childhood into the grades

    Susan Perrow

    Stories for Everyday Challenges

    Donna Ashton

    Waldorf Homeschool 101

    Carrie Dendtler

    Planning First Grade

    Jean Miller

    The 5 Essential Elements of a Main Lesson

    Jennifer Tan

    Teaching Handwork with Stories

    Brian Wolfe

    Creating a Chalkboard Drawing

    Heather Chauvin

    Energetic Time Management for Moms

    Marin Lipowitz

    Learning Math through Stories

    It's a HUGE commitment to be your child's teacher- You can create the foundation for exceptional learning in a holistic, gentle way.

    Meet Your Host:

    Donna Ashton is the mom of twin girls, now 12. She knows how tough and overwhelming it can be to begin homeschooling with Waldorf-inspired education so she created her website, The Waldorf Connection to share training, tips and step-by-step guidance to getting started and being successful. She has homeschooled her girls for over 9+ years and loves it! She lives with her hubby, 2 girls, dogs and cat in Coastal, SC. .

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    Special Bonus #1

    10 Steps Starting with Homeschooling PDF from Jean Miller

    Special Bonus #2

    Kerelaion Art Aromatherapy Ebook

    Special Bonus #3

    Rhythm & Organization Ebook from
    Donna Ashton at The Waldorf Connection

    Special Bonus #4

    The Temperaments & the Adult/Child Relationship Eclass* from Earthschooling

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